Finding a baby bear in your car might sound adorable, but it's one of last things you want to discover in your backseat.

This little dude got stuck in a car in Woodland Park on Saturday night. Luckily, he was caught and safely released back into the woods.

Woodland Park Police Department posted photos of the confused cub on Facebook as a reminder that summertime brings out the bears.

Bears can open doors, so drivers are urged to lock doors and roll up windows to prevent a similar occurrence.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife also says to be sure there’s nothing with an odor in your car, including candy, gum, air fresheners, trash, lotions and lip balms.

If you encounter a bear, even if it's a cub, it's not recommended to try to remove it yourself.

There are plenty of tips of what you can do to protect your property and detract bears. CPW compiled the list below.

Bear Proofing Your Home: Tips from Colorado Parks and Wildlife by 9news on Scribd