SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (KTHV) – James Green, the vice-chair of the Wasatch County Republican Party in Utah, criticized a proposed state law that would mandate equal pay for female workers.

Utah Senate Bill 210 would require employers a disclosure of written criteria to determine an employee’s compensation and benefits. Supporters argue that this transparency would expose pay discrepancies among male and female employees.

In a letter published in both the Wasatch Wave and the Park Record, Green took issue with the Equal Pay bill. He claimed, “If businesses are forced to pay women the same as male earnings, that means they will have to reduce the pay for the men they employ.” He added that that this formula is “simple economics.”

He continued, saying that paying men less would force more wives to the leave the home, where Green claims women “prefer to be.” Green offers no evidence for this claim concerning women’s preferred employment status.

According to Green, the bill will create greater competition for jobs, including “men’s jobs.” He does not define “men’s jobs” in the letter. He stated that this “vicious cycle” only worsens “the more equality of pay is forced upon us.”

His statement urging resistance to pay equality appears at odds with the Utah Republican Party’s platform, which is posted on the Wasatch County Republican Party’s website. The platform affirms the party's commitment to “the infinite worth of all individuals, and [to] seek the best possible quality of life for all.”

Green has since issued an apology for any misunderstanding, but has stood by his opposition to the bill.