Dominos might have been a hobby to start, but it's become something completely different for 15-year-old Hayden Russell. 

"I've always loved building with stuff," he said. "When I was younger, it was Legos. And now it's with dominos." 

WUSA9 met with Russell in his Aldie, Va home, in what's now become known as the "domino room" by his family. Over the last few months, his passion has become an international phenomenon, as his Youtube page has increasingly become more popular. 

"I have about 18,000 subscribers," he said. "And a month ago, I had less than 2,000. So, it's blown up. And I have over 15 million views." 

A quick scroll through his Youtube page, "Dynamic Domino" will show dozens of videos, which are as complex as they are remarkable. The amount of dominos in these videos number in the tens-of-thousands. 

"It's a scary situation when your building," he laughed. 

Recently though, his regional following has become international. A company called CoPetrol, based in South America, saw his Youtube page and contacted him. In March, Hayden was flown out to Paraguay to make a commercial for them, in which he built a mini city with thousands of dominos. 

"We have about a 30,000 domino city," he said. "Which is the largest setup in South America." 

Cameras captured the dominos falling, and then played it in reverse, so that it appeared the domino city was being built in a matter of seconds. Hayden's dad, Bill, has now turned into an impromptu talent agent. 

"It is crazy," he laughed. "We're not quite sure how to process it all yet. He went from - he's just doing this hobby thing, to 'I want to make a Youtube channel,' to now all of a sudden, 'I've got to start this business.'" 

Hayden doesn't know what his professional future will hold, but in the mean time this domino business has it's benefits. 

"It's a good source of income for college," he laughed.

Want to see his domino skills for yourself? Check out his Youtube page, "Dynamic Domino."