COLLEGE STATION, Texas - At first glance Annabel Robison looks like your normal 7-year-old, but between her time spent playing Legos and reading her favorite books, the first grader has written and published her own book, The Adventures of Annabel and Nora: The Terrible Shark.

Annabel's parents Andrew and Cheryl Robison say they aren't sure where she inherited her writing gene from but that she has had a passion for creating stories from a young age.

"I have no idea, I mean I write a little bit for work but certainly nothing like her. In kindergarten she was always writing poems and short stories and then in kindergarten again non stop," said Andrew.

After seeing their daughters passion for writing short stories they encouraged her to turn that passion into a chapter book.

Annabel says throughout the whole publishing process she was very hands on in each phase of creating the chapter book including the illustration.

"I drew rough draft pictures and then my dad found an illustrator online, and she drew what I drew a little bit better," said Annabel.

The character in Annabel's story are inspired by people in her life like her little sister Nora and says that she has already started inspiring other kids her age to become authors.

"One of the people that bought our books, her son, he wants to write a book now," said Annabel.

Beyond the adventures in the book Annabel says the book has a special message that can apply to anyone who reads it.

"Don't judge a shark by it's teeth and get to know them before you start telling people about them, not to say they're bad of they're actually good," said Annabel.