How much are you willing to pay for the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight?

Now that it's all set, the numbers surrounding this "Mega Fight" are astronomical and actually pretty laughable.

Mayweather will put his 49-0 record on the line for a reported $100 million. McGregor will apparently earn closer to $75 million. If the pay-per-view sales go as well as expected, Mayweather could reach $300 million and McGregor $175 million.

Those monster numbers rely on how many of us will buy the fight on pay-per-view. Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao sold a record 4.6 million buys. This fight could break that record, but will it be worth it?

Let's face it, Mayweather's most recent fights have been borderline boring. He's a defensive specialist. He can block anything thrown at him and while he's still lightning quick, the last thing he's going to do at the age of 40 is start throwing haymakers.

On the other hand, McGregor has a puncher's chance. He can load up, but will he be lucky enough to find an opening to land one of his hurting bombs?

I see Mayweather being real careful for 12 rounds and counter punching through a chorus of boos as the fight goes on, but that won't stop me from buying this fight.

Truth is, I never spend money on pay-per-view fights, but for some reason I'm willing to shell out the projected $99.99 for this fight. It would be more palatable if it was closer to the $60 range of UFC events, but I don't see that happening.

Hey, I've blown a hundred bucks on much worse things in life, and since this is a very rare expense for me, I'm diving in – even if it is the biggest sham since Rocky vs. Thunderlips. I mean seriously, on one hand you have the undefeated world champion in one sport taking on a guy who will train in that sport for just a few months in an attempt to pull off a massive upset.

History has shown a boxer in the octagon usually gets destroyed. Will the same hold true for an MMA fighter climbing into the ring? Yeah, most likely. I don't think Mayweather will destroy McGregor, but he will definitely wear him down in what will, if nothing else, be a 36-minute spectacle fans will talk about, good or bad, for years to come.

But I'm still buying.

Who's with me?