LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A unique bond is forming at a small boxing gym in downtown Little Rock. The pair has a shot of winning it all, but it's already happened once before for the trainer.

A Little Rock coaching legend is back in the ring with a championship caliber boxer. Ozell Nelson is known for training undisputed middleweight champion Jermain Taylor. At his peak, Taylor ended Bernard Hopkins' 12-year reign as champion.

Now, Nelson is inside the ropes, training Trevell Mazion. The Texas native came to Arkansas to work with Nelson, lacing up his boots and gloves to learn from one of the bests. The two have only been training for two months, but Nelson already sees a lot in the 21-year-old.

"Jermain used to like to dance and this kid likes to dance," Nelson said.

Mazion moves around the ring with ease, dancing circles around Nelson during a sparring session. But Nelson said dancing isn't the only trick Mazion's got up his sleeves.

"This kid can jump out of the building," said Nelson, bragging about Mazion's abilities. "I mean, he is very bouncy."

While Nelson sees similarities to Taylor and Mazion, he admitted that Mazion's jumping abilities come natural while Taylor had to work hard to achieve that skill.

Along with the ability to bob and weave, Mazion is also making his names with his hands. In 10 professional matches, he has managed to land 10 knockouts. His opponents have never made it past the 3rd round.

Now, as he climbs the ladder, Mazion is set to compete for the first time on ESPN2, but the duo thinks they are only scratching the surface of Mazion's talents.

"I know my hard work in the gym is going to be a good sacrifice," said Mazion.

Mazion will face Juan Jesus Rivera on Thursday, April 20 on ESPN2.