BRYANT, Ark. (THV11) – In 2016 the Bryant Black Sox were on the couch, while Texarkana celebrated a historic world series title. A year later, the bad taste in their mouth is still there.

“I haven’t quit thinking about it. I can honestly say that every day you think about it” says head coach Darren Hurt. Their rivals from the Southwest advanced on a tiebreaker rule to the regionals and eventually won a world series.

His son and catcher Dylan Hurt still hears about it. “I went to college and hear everything from everyone about how I felt and they all knew about it so it’s been on my mind the whole time.”
The only thing the Black Sox could do was sit and watch Texarkana bring home the trophy, but all year long they’ve felt like the better team. Before they could get revenge, they had to get their first which meant weaving their way through the state tournament.

“As a coach I tried to downplay it as much as possible to the kids because you want them to be focused and not make it too big but they knew what was on the line.”

Following a few narrow wins and even a loss the Black Sox had to beat Texarkana twice to earn a berth to the Regionals. 18 innings later, no tiebreaker was needed. The Black Sox were state champs.
“Greatest game I’ve ever been a part of. I got to win 2 state championships, a world series as an All-Star here at Bryant. Neither of those come close to the win we got yesterday just because of the revenge and the rivalry.”
But now the work is just beginning. They leave for the regionals in New Orleans bright and early Tuesday morning.