ENGLAND, Ark (KTHV) - In England, football is king.

"We fill the stands every Friday. It’s a small community. Everybody loves it," says new head coach Matt Garrett.

And this year, expectations are higher than ever. Coming off a year of going undefeated in conference then losing in the semis, they’re now under the watch of a new head coach.

"It’s a little bit overwhelming but exciting too," says Garrett. "We’re excited to get things rolling."

"We’ve slung it around for two years and I love to sling the football around, don’t get me wrong but this year we got bigger lineman and we have better running backs. We’re going to be a run first team. I just wanna be known as a team that works hard, has discipline and does the little things right."

You'd be hard pressed in sport to find anyone who doesn't connect hard work and success. In England, the football team revolves around hard work. In addition to the success they saw last year, they have a head coach who can attest directly to this motto.

"I’m a young guy, I’m 26 years old and there aren’t a lot of 26 year old head coaches. And I don’t know if that’s good thing or a bad thing. It just shows you gotta work hard," says Garrett.

His players have taken notice.

"I think it’s something that we all look up to. It shows that it can be done. It’s not just the top dog. Anybody can be the top dog," says Senior Darrius Clarkson.

The Lions have lost back-to-back years in the semi finals. They're hoping this season, they finally get a happy ending.

If they know one thing, it's hard work is certainly a good place to start.