LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - To make a difference in your community, you've got to have passion and for a "jack-of-all-trades" like Tony Dunnick, it comes in spades.

For nearly two decades now, Dunnick has called Lamar Porter Field his home away from home. He said he steps in to help wherever necessary.

"I do everything here. I coach, I keep the grounds, I work the concessions to make sure the kids eat," Dunnick said. "If they don't have any money and I make sure the kids are here and being disciplined."

With every coach comes a mixture of tough love and valuable advice. Dunnick is no different, instructing the kids with a love for the game that he hopes to pass on.

Just like every other coach for Little Rock RBI, Dunnick is a volunteer, but he sees the rewards for his work in other ways.

"I'm here to keep the kids off the streets and keep the community safe and that's what I do," Dunnick said proudly from the bleachers.

While the program has helped hundreds of children stay away from violence and focused on athletics and academics, Dunnick and the other coaches want a little more help from the community.

"Sponsor us, pay us, help us because you can pay now or pay later," Dunnick pleaded, "because that's the way I feel about it because if you don't have the kid here, where is he gonna be? In the street."

And thanks to coaches like Dunnick, not only are the kids staying out of trouble, but they are becoming some pretty good baseball players as well.

If you wish to help the program, you can donate to them by clicking here (currently the donation process does not work on mobile browsers). It would help to waive registration fees for players participating in the program.