SEARCY, Ark (THV11): Welcome to day four of our preps on 11 previews. Today it's all about the Harding Academy Wildcats.

This team totaled eight wins last season, it's fewest since 2003. The Wildcats' Head Coach has been in the business for seven years and he's said he's never seen a football team this close. He believes they've got a great dynamic within the locker room, the place it all starts.

"I think a lot of what the closeness can be attributed to is their comfort in knowing I'm not new. Anytime anyone is new, it's hard for me to be myself. And if I cannot be myself as a player it's hard for me to relate to my teammates. So the uneasiness of my new caused some people some anxiety. So now that that's been eliminated we've got the recipe in place to have a very successful year," says Neil Evans.