FAYETTEVILLE, Ark (THV): “I love to read about things at the end of the year. Not the start of the year. I've said that about a team that came out and won two championships and a team that went 3-9. I don't really pay attention. I guess if you voted for us thanks and if not it doesn't really matter," said Bret Bielema.

After SEC media days, Arkansas was picked to finish fourth in the SEC west. A title that means nothing to the head hog.

Bielema made it clear to the media today, after day one of fall camp, that he'll worry about "the finish" after the season.

There weren't any ground breaking discoveries about the squad after a single practice. But, one thing coach did mention is if the hogs want a good season, this senior squad is really going to have to rise to the occasion.

“I think if there's anything I’ve learned in this profession, especially now in the sec west. When you're older players who you've had in here and developed for three years play well, we play well."