JACKSONVILLE, Ark. (THV11) - High school football coaches will all tell you ccommunication is the key to victory and when you see Shaeq’ke Robinson on the field, he gets everybody talking.

“He’s a big kid, he’s a monster and he just wants a chance to play” says head coach Barry Hickingbotham. But when the Titans hear the band and roar of the crowd. Shaeq’ke hears silence.

“Some of them have no idea that I’m deaf. But I still play hard against them too. So I just want to show that deaf people can do that and who I am.” Shaeq’ke has been playing football since the 6th grade. The Arkansas school for the deaf team did not have the numbers to play in 2017 so he decided to play for his hometown Titans.

“I think he’s just been such an asset for our kids to be around someone like that. To have something less of but his work ethic is incredible. He’s just full speed all the time” says Hickingbotham.

With the help of his interpreter Shaeq’ke doesn’t seem to miss a beat on the field. He and the players have even worked their own communication system on defense with the coaches. “We have different codes that we use and go ahead and run one of the plays and they’ll let me know and then we’ll do one of the plays and the coaches and I have one that we use too.”

The only more impressive than his play on the field, the relationships he’s built with his teammates. In fact Shaeq’ke may be one of the biggest smack talkers on the team. “Sometimes, we all talk and tease each other. Show off our arms and guns and then we just have fun.”

High school football players have guys they look up to all the time. Whether that be Odell Beckham, Dak Prescott, or JJ Watt. But you ask any Jacksonville Titan and they’ll give you the same name. Shaeq’ke Robinson.

“I just like to be around people and talk with them and just enjoy that and most of the people seem to love me too.”