LITTLE ROCK, Ark (THV11): In 1989, Jerry Jones introduced himself to the football world. And he did with style.

"There is no substitute for winning. I know that is a cliché but we must win. Winning is the name of the game," said Jones.

But long before he was known as the brash owner of the Dallas Cowboys, we simply knew him as Mister Jones from North Little Rock.

"I like the idea that he’s from Arkansas, and he’s from North Little Rock and that’s where I’m from," said Cowboys Fan, Robert Settles.

Robert has been a lifelong Cowboys fan, and even when his fellow Arkansan purchased his favorite team, he was still skeptical.

"I didn’t know, especially when he got rid of Tom Landry, I thought oh man I don’t know about this."

But three Super Bowl victories later – you could say Robert was convinced, much like the rest of us. But it wasn’t just the wins, it the generosity given back to community. In 2013 the Jones family donated ten million dollars to Catholic High in Little Rock. Stephen and Jerry Jr’s alma mater.

"We need to make this school even better than it can be. Giving back to the Catholic school and who knows there is a lot of things he probably does that we don’t even know about and I think that’s a good deal. I really do," said Jones.

Catholic head football coach John Fogleman is all too familiar with Coach Jones as he knows him.

"You know I was fortunate enough Mister Jones was my pee wee football coach as the mean machine back in 5th or 6th grade. So great ambassadors for the state," said Fogleman.

While the football world recognizes Jones for his accomplishments this weekend, they’re about two decades behind the Natural State. Jerry, a member of the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame since 1999.

"He always comes back with stories about working in his dad’s grocery store and working there. They just comeback all the time not just for recognition but just for events that they want to be apart of.," said Exec. Director Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, Terri Conder Johnson.

So Saturday night as the world watches Jerry get his gold jacket. Arkansans see the kid from North Little Rock who made it.

"People from these small towns that go out to the big world and do these amazing things and it’s the same with Mister Jones and we’re just so proud. I wish I could be there to watch it."