LITTLE ROCK, Ark (THV11): To Audrey Pulliam, golf is a game that keeps on giving.

Pulliam is a recent PA graduate, 5A golf state champion and William and Mary golf signee.

She’s a girl who fell in love with the sport in 6th grade when she was yearning to find something different.

"My mom suggested either tennis or golf so I signed up for the first tee, immediately love it and signed up for more that summer. Then signed up for their classes and I just started playing and I came to my parents in 6th grade and I said I want to quit dance I want to do golf full time. It was just different than what I’d done before," said Pulliam.

Her parents were delighted in their young girl’s choice.

"Before golf Audrey was very very quiet didn’t really talk to any people," said mother Leisa Pulliam, "but then once she started playing golf she started blossoming. She started taking chances and getting up in front of groups to talk to people.:

That new found confidence, launched Audrey into new realms of possibilities. Ones that flourished through a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

"When we went down there the people are just so nice and just have so much joy and are so accepting of you that it immediately drew me in and made me want to help and love on them because they loved me so much," the young Pulliam remembers.

After multiple trips to the D.R., Audrey made efforts to invest in those people’s lives from Arkansas. She began to raise money to build a church in the Dominican and to fund golfers who otherwise couldn’t play in national championships.

"It was really nice cause it helped teach me life lessons like marketing and fundraising and things like that. But at the same time to see everyone’s support something that I’m also passionate about."

In four months Audrey raised 13,000 dollars and saw the church built start to finish.

"It’s a mother’s dream. That’s all you want for your kids. I mean your #1 goal is for them to learn to give back and for them to realize that the only reason we have anything is for them to give to other people and if your kids are focused on that I think they will do good things in life, I think that they will be happier and hopefully they will be able to make other people happy as well. It’s something you pray for everyday," concludes her mother.