CABOT, Ark (THV11): The Cabot Panthers got a taste of Friday Night Lights a bit early on Friday.

The Panthers are coming off a 7-5 season while being led by the 7A Offensive Player of the Year, Jarrod Barnes. Barnes and several other key players were sidelined at different points last season, which seemed to be the reason they didn't quite live up to the hype everyone created.

On the rebound, they're looking to young, unproved skilled players.

One of the young guys is starting quarterback, Cody Skinner. Skinner got a few starts last year in the absence of Barnes, so he does have a tad bit of experience.

On Friday, Coach Malham talked about the message he's been preaching to the new guy under center.

"Well you know, don't try and do too much. Let your teammates help. Sometimes Jarrod forgot he had teammates. But he got away with it because he was a super athlete. Cody has just gotta do is part and let his teammates help him."