JACKSONVILLE, Ark (THV11): When Jacksonville and North Pulaski merged they together became a 6A football team. Last year they recorded a 2-8 record. While the meshing of the kids was seamless, the jump to 6A was not.

Sometimes in life, it's a game of numbers.

"We’re going to be short on numbers with everybody we play. Our kids know that," said head coach Barry Hickingbotham. "We’ll have 40-50 guys out there every Friday night and the people we play will double us, minimum."

And other times, it's the intangibles.

"I’ll tell you we don’t have the big guys like everybody else has, but we have big hearts. I can’t ask for anything more from the 45 we got as far as how hard as we’re working, the sacrifices we’re making."

For the Jacksonville Titans, it's using the latter to make up for their lack of depth.

"The last couple years we’ve been undersized and very unconditioned. This year we’re working hard and I feel like we’re more prepared this year than we were the past few years," said Offensive Lineman Brandon Barnes.

"We talk about it everyday in the Locker room. We’re tired of it. We’re tired of losing. We’re tired of how close games were and how tired we would be in the second half.

The problem we lost everyone of them because we got tired. So we’ve been working hard this summer.

We just keep pushing each other. If somebody starts jogging we want to do an extra one. To make you work harder."

"Everyone wants to win don’t get me wrong but when you’re out numbered out sized, it’s about the fight. For 48 minutes we want to prepare them to fight as hard as they can fight. That’s a win for us. That’s a win in life," said Hickingbotham.