LITTLE ROCK, Ark (THV11): Pulaski County Public Schools are sending a message loud and clear: High School Athletics, to them, matter. A few weeks ago, we saw the way Robinson’s facilities have evolved in recent years. And today we witnessed similar growth at Mills.

For the comets, who are coming off a 3-7 season, this investment has turned the page in their programWith brand new facilities..

"It’s given me a renewed sense of purpose with what we’re trying to do. It’s helped me be more accountable for my day in and day out work ethic. Making sure that I am doing this justice. If they’re going to work so hard on this, we want the best product on the field," says Head Coach Patrick Russell.

"We need to set a goal of being one of the best football programs in central Arkansas and in the state."

The county has accepted the challenge by investing millions into the kids at Mills high school.

"We have the nicest facilities in Little Rock so it just brings out the energy and the moral," says Senior Lineman Michael Beman.

"We’ve been in this rough spot for three years and I understand people are overlooking us in 5A central."

"I came into an old rundown field house and knowing that they’re building us a new facility is just like we’re coming from nothing," said Senior running back Corbin Humphrey.

From the Good to the bad to the ugly, Mills is now looking forward. But,

"The mission doesn’t change whether you’re in a tent or a million dollar facility. You’re trying to give them the skills that’ll help them in life through the game of football. That’s been the same. It’s just got a little bit more draw for them," says Russell.

And really, that’s where the finical investment has hit home the most. It’s given Coach Russell a different chance to teach his kids a things or two about life.

"For me it’s about enduring what we had to go through for 10 years, having the worst facilities, having poor numbers and yet putting in the work day in and day out. It hasn’t always been easy and I hope they see that. Just realize that if you stick with it and don’t give up."