MALVERN, Ark. (THV11) - When you drive into Malvern you’re going to notice two things. Bricks and Malvern football.

Leopards fan Dr. Shawn Purifoy is a doctor and former team captain. “Nah, it’s more like Friday Night football then Brickfest. Friday night football comes first.”

You may say that intensity is up when you lose to your rival Arkadelphia to miss the playoffs. Senior Jordan Hart says he’s “Salty, salty feeling left in my mouth all season. Now we’re looking for revenge this year.”

Now if you want to have a good and successful football team you have to have a strong starting quarterback. Luckily for Malvern the guy who ran the program last season, is back for his senior year.

“We’ve got Demias Jimerson who’s back at QB. He’s a big playmaker for us and we look for a lot of things out of him” says head coach Mike Scarbrough. Now coach Scarbrough is known for his offense but I’m here to tell you his defense isn’t too shabby either.

“It’s there football team and it’s not mine and it’s not the other coaches it’s the seniors football team and we depend on them to kind of police and if they don’t it usually signals not a very good year.” So as fans get anxious as do we all for football. Malvern they’re slowly getting ready for the season but they’ll have to pick it up quick. Glen Rose comes to town week one.

“Everywhere we go people ask me how we look and how it’s going and how we’re going to do so I’m excited and the kids are excited and we’re ready to play somebody else.”