LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (THV11) – Kevin Kelley may grill you now, but in a few years he could just be convincing an NFL team to keep you.

“Jason King plays tomorrow night for the Patriots. That’s cool, is he going to make it? I talked to Belichick last week and he said he’s got a chance. He’s a tough guy to play for and I think he appreciates me a little more because I’m a tough guy to play for too.”

No doubt Kelley roots on his former Bruins on the highest level, but right now his quarterback looks like the Tom Brady of High School Football. Layne Hatcher already has three state titles under his belt.

“I’ve always been a little high strung and too hard on myself but I’ve always had a great group of guys around me that could pick me up but now it’s been a bit more laid back.”

Three titles in a row would make anyone a bit laid back but even Kelley knows there is a price to winning.

His just happened to come with a permanent price.

“They threw out will you get a tattoo if we win and I was feeling pretty bad we had just lost to Utah and lost. So I wasn’t feeling too good. I went home to my wife and said I think I messed up.”

12 wins after that loss to Utah, the ink was dry on Kelley’s promise.

“It’s got the roman numerals for each year we won and the kids said coach if you do that you’ll always carry us with you on your arm. I don’t know if you meant that or not but you sold me.”

So will any of the Bruins following their coaches lead?

“No, Mom and dad wouldn’t be too happy about that.”