CONWAY, Ark (THV11) - When you come out to Conway this seems to be one of your typical run of the mill Tuesday practices but what you don’t know. If you come out here you’ll see one of the best backs in the state. Meet Michael George.

“People think it’s Michael Jackson. I guess I say it real fast and they think it’s Michael Jackson, But I’m like no.” No he’s not the King of Pop. Just the King of Popping the pads.

“I’ve really been running the way I’ve been running, the secret is my O-line. Opening up really big holes and helping me just get it done.” Getting it done is one way to put it. Simple fact is his name gets called more on Friday night than your high school crush.

Conway head coach Clint Ashcraft knows he’s got a special back on his hands. “He’s hard to just hit and knock down. You’re going to have to get his legs and get him tied up. He’s had a lot of success because guys are just trying to hit him and knock him over.”

Calling his highlights over, and over, and over again on Friday night. I decided to give George a new nickname. Beastmode. “I have to they be coming after me, I have to. I like the name though.”

Ashcraft adds “he’s definitely kind of been in a zone the past few weeks. Again it just goes back because again he’s got incredible balance.

Now Michael George is giving Wampus Cat fans a thriller of a season.

There is no limit, we can go all the way really!