HASKELL, Ark (THV): Bigger, doesn't always mean better. Haskell Harmony Grove is a place where the small town vibe small things reward like big packages.

Driving into the small town, you can sense it's your typical small town. The pace is a bit smaller, and all roads lead to the football stadium.

As Taylor travel's the state, learning about towns like Haskell, she's not completely alone.

"There's some adjustments I had to make in how I handle things," says Head Coach Paul Calley. "It's been great for me. The logistics have made it a lot easier for me."

But never let less pressure be confused with less love for the game. Instead, for the Cardinals, it's about valuing things outside of the wins and losses.

"We want to make it fun," Calley preaches. "We're trying to teach football, we're trying to teach life."

Which, could be a large reason the school picked up their first playoff victory in school history last season.

"To know you've accomplished something that the school has never accomplished kind of fills you up inside," says Calley.