LITTLE ROCK, Ark (THV): IN 2016, North Little Rock High School gave Central Arkansas a hope. A hope, that the 7A state trophy might finally be stolen back from NWA.

However, that hope was quickly depleted when Fayetteville took down the Charging Wildcats 53-19 in the state title game. Now, eight months later, the ghosts from the past have yet to fade away.

"Everyday. We talked about it everyday," says head coach Jamie Mitchell.

Mitchell, now in his third year as head coach, is seeking one goal: to bring a state championship to NLR and Central Arkansas.

"I’ve been in this business a long time and I think we have a good understanding of what it’s going to take. We know how to get there. And a lot of it’s luck. You gotta be really good but you gotta have some luck along the way. I think we’re on the right track there’s no question about that. We just gotta find a way to get over that last hurdle," he says.

Why does he think they're on the right path?

"I know we are. We got the right kids, we got a phenomenal staff here."