LITTLE ROCK, Ark (THV): A couple years ago, Robinson High School had the absolute worst facilities in the state.

"Our field was the mud bowl. Our field house right now up on the hill, it leaks it floods when it rains. It’s absolutely horrible." says head coach Todd Eskola.

But it’s all changing. Next Friday, the senators are going from worst to first when they unveil their new field house.

"It’s a gorgeous facility we can’t wait to show it off. Facilities matter. The more time you put into our kids, it makes an impact on their life."

"Man basically everything has changed. Shoot that huge facility over there, it’s one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen. It’s come a long way," says center Matthew Howard.

For Robinson High school, the recipe to win on the field is by starting off the field. By building a foundation. Things such as the new turf, the new press box and the new indoor facility.

"Huge changes."

"We made a commitment 5 or 6 years ago to have more college athletes signed from our school than anybody in the state," says Eskola. "We’ve had 25 over 4 years."

And don’t blink now. Those numbers are only going to rise with guys you’ll see this year on the Robinson gridiron.

"The names might now be known yet but we’ve got some kids that are really good football players and we feel like they’re going to have the opportunity to make a name for themselves.

We believe that if you invest in the facilities you have a great work ethic, we get them as boys and we want them to leave as young men. And if we do our job we feel like they have the chance to be successful."