FAYETTEVILLE, Ark (THV11): Saturday afternoon in the basketball palace of Mid-America, Arkansas’ king of Athletics was remembered by his friends and family.

"You drove from Oklahoma, what made you come across state lines to honor coach Broyles. My wife and I loved Coach Broyles and we’re here to pay our respects and honor his life," says Razorback fan Jim Eden,

Through his 50 years of service to University of Arkansas, Frank Broyles was a man who wore many hats.

“I came to know Frank as a man on a mission,” said Pastor Jack Wilson.

He was the man from Georgia Tech who delivered Arkansas’ first national championship.

“Frank loved his alma mater but he called Arkansas my school," proclaimed Former U of A Chancellor Dan Ferritor.

He was the man who was the biggest voice in college football from the broadcasting booth alongside Keith Jackson every Saturday night.

“Little kid in the hood running around pretending to be Frank Broyles, that made for some interesting days in Duncan," remembers former Razorback Quinn Grovey.

The father who no matter what would never miss a moment to spend time with his family.

“He came home every night for the evening meal and those times were really a special and formed bond that we have to this day," said son Jack Broyles.

Above all else, he was the man who brought pride to Arkansas.

“If anybody said Frank you made Arkansas, he said no Arkansas made me."

“I can remember thanking God for Frank Broyles for helping those kids run through that A," said Ken Hatfield.

Now he’s the man fans will forever be in debted to for making the Razorbacks one of a kind.

“To see it all grow, I give Coach Broyles all the credit in the world. He’s number one. No question," says Razorback fan Randy Cutting.

“ Stepped out of my house, could have been thunder but it sounded like a Hog call and I thought. Never underestimate Frank Broylesm," concludes Ferritor.