NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (THV11) - It doesn’t matter who you are. When you hear an engine rev up. You get fired up, or in my case.

"That would’ve scared me, I’m not going to lie that would have scared me half to death." Sure it’s bit noisy on a Tuesday afternoon, but on Friday night. This bad boy is turned up!

"The whole student section fills up in about a minute. We pull it in the gate and everybody hears up reviving it up and the other team is looking at us and it’s cool" says Senior Owen Stuckey

The North Little Rock Spirit Truck has graced the NLR sidelines for over a decade. Each year a group of seniors passes the truck down to a selected group of Juniors. Needless to say these guys take their responsibilities seriously.

Fellow Senior Cole Dobson says "growing up you always look up to those seniors because you think they’re the coolest people ever because they lead the student section. They’re driving the coolest truck you’ve ever seen so you just want to be them."

"It was awesome. We were all so pumped up that we took it out for 3 hours that night just driving around and it’s a really cool deal" says Jake Roberts.

The even cooler deal this season, The Charging Wildcats record. The team is a perfect 7-0 on the season and these seniors think they could pass on more than the truck, they could pass on a title.

The drive as he's known Ryan Maloch believes "It’d be nice to have a good game at some point, so whenever anyone is ready to give us one we’ll take it but until then blowing people out and enjoying every minute of it is what we’re going to do."

You can catch the Charging Wildcats on the road this Friday against Fort Smith Northside.