You may be wondering what happened to the internet on Friday.

Popular websites like Netflix and Twitter were temporarily inaccessible.

This all thanks to organized internet hackers who flooded the popular server Dyn.

Attorney Andrew Mayts explains that hackers can use tons of devices to dump a massive amount of data to any target until it becomes flooded and unreachable.

"There is so much activity driven toward a certain server or system that it shuts down and it can't operate the way it typically would," explained Mayts.

Hackers getting into baby monitors to carry out cyber attacks is not new.

But now they’re accessing other household items like DVRs, webcams and even a thermostat.

The question many have is how they’re able to do this.

Well, these wireless devices make up what experts are calling the "internet of things." A hacker can place a virus on a device that allows them to take control of it because devices like DVRs don't have great security.

Mayts says there is little individuals can do to stop a huge cyber attack from happening.

"Nothing is 100 percent foolproof in what we have out there. We need to make sure we are taking the right measure to protect it, depending on what it is and what the value of it is,” he said.

One problem is not all hackable devices are password protected. For the ones that are, make sure you change your passwords right now and make them unique.