Halloween is a time for tricks or treats, ghouls and ghosts. But for a couple of teachers, it is an opportunity to grow and learn.

Kim Usery and Lowell Sherrod are science teachers at Cabot High School who go the extra mile on All Hallows’ Eve.

“I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays, so I decided to come up with a show for the kids,” says Mrs. Usery. “As the years progressed, I added to the show. We have added to the story. Mr. Sherrod came about three years ago and we changed it to make it fit him, so he could really play the part,” she adds.

At Cabot high school, the teachers do spooky experiments bringing science to life.

From witches’ brew to crystal bubbles, glow in the dark lights and all. Unlike any other magic show, the students actually know the tricks behind these treats.

“After the show, we go around and explain the chemistry around all of the stuff that we did. A lot of the stuff we are doing right now, experiments and things, we can relate to and tell them this is something that you saw before, you just didn’t realize it,” says Usery.

“Right now we are learning about energetic electrons and a lot of the stuff we did this year glows in the dark and interaction with the uv light are related to that topic. I think they get a lot out of it and it helps hook them into science,” explains Sherrod.

Quite a bit of preparation work goes into the spooky spells and creepy crafts casted on this day.

“We can’t do any of this without the help of our student aids and the help of our students in our regular classes,” Mr. Sherrod adds.

One of the benefits is having student learners and student aids that come after they have taken the class and particularly like science and maybe want to major in science.

Perhaps, the trick really is on the students — learning while having fun.

“The students really enjoy the experience, if you have to go to school on Halloween at least you can do something fun if you have chemistry,” adds Sherrod.