Movie Review: The November Man

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Pierce Brosnan makes a return to the spy genre in The November Man as an ex-CIA agent/assassin who is lured out of retirement to bring in an agent who has valuable information that could take down a powerful Russian politician. The operation goes wrong and he learns that his former protégé and member of his own agency have double-crossed him, he must protect the information given to him by the murdered agent, a valuable witness who knows the secret behind a heinous war crime. It's the classic spy tale of double-crosses, no one to trust, and a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top.

I really don't know what to say about The November Man. It was very convoluted even for a spy thriller. In most spy thrillers, it's pretty clear who the bad guy is and who the good guy is. This was a little more confusing. At times, the guy you thought was the good guy was the bad guy and vice versa. There were so many subplots in this movie that interrupted the flow of the main story. It's not a bad movie but you kind of see everything coming from the beginning and there's never really a sense of danger for the main characters.

The most interesting aspect of the film was Pierce Brosnan's character. He had no qualms about killing anyone to accomplish the mission but he still had a sense of morality about it, except for a brief moment where he was a psychopath. This is the part where the good guy could have become the bad guy, which would have made for an interesting plot twist. Imagine if this character that we thought was the hero of the film turned out to be a complete psychopath and went on a murderous rampage against the people he was after? I won't spoil the scene, but it is the best 5 minutes of the movie and I really wish that aspect of the character had been explored. I'd love to see Pierce Brosnan in a role like that.

At the end of the day, The November Man is easy entertainment, the kind you should enjoy at home in a couple of months.

Also in theaters this weekend, Life After Beth, stars Aubrey Plaza as a girl who dies and comes back to life as zombie. She rekindles a romance with her boyfriend (Dane Dehaan). She doesn't look like a zombie but still has zombie tendencies which should make for some pretty comical situations.

As Above/So Below is a horror movie that takes place in the ancient catacombs beneath the streets of Paris. As a group of friends explore this city of the dead, their personal demons come back to haunt them and for a limited time Ghostbusters is back in theaters to celebrate its' 30th Anniversary.


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