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Chris Olsen: Red, white, and blue decorations for the 4th

Only two days are left until the 4th of July, and lifestyle expert Chris Olsen has shared...

Only two days are left until the 4th of July, and lifestyle expert Chris Olsen has shared some festive ways the jazz up the celebration! WATERMELON ON A STICK: Prep Time: approx 5 min What you'll need: • Watermelon • Popsicle sticks • Cutting board/knife Directions: Cut your watermelon into thin triangle slices for a proper amount for your party! Shove a popsicle stick into the green side of the slice and you have yourself a watermelon popsicle. Less mess for the kids! -------- FOURTH OF JULY WANDS: Prep Time: approx 10 min What you'll need: • Watermelon • Blue berries • Skewers • Star cookie cutters • Cutting board • Knife Directions: Cut your watermelon up into slices with a knife. Using a star shaped cookie cutter, you can make all sizes of star shaped watermelon. Next, begin sliding on several blueberries onto a skewer and top with your watermelon star! This is a fun and tasty way to have a great display for your table and an easy grab and go snack for your guests! -------- POPCORN CONTAINERS: Prep time: approx 30 min- 1 hour What you'll need: • Wicker or Wooden baskets • Paint • Bandanas Directions: Dress up your baskets with a little red, white, and blue acrylic paint however you like and let dry. Add a few bandanas to the inside and toss in the popcorn! This is such an easy way to prep for a fun display and something you can keep for years to come! -------- TWIZZLER PARTY FAVORS: Prep Time: approx 15 min Here's what you'll need: • Large package of Twizzlers • 4th of July craft paper • Tape • Scissors Directions: First, cut a few strips of festive paper you picked out at any craft store. Simply grab a handful of Twizzlers (about 3-5) and wrap a strip of paper around your handful. Meet ends of the paper and add tape to hold together. -------- Pop Rocks Party Favors: Prep Time: approx 10 min What you'll need: • Packages of any flavor pop rocks • Festive Craft paper • Stapler • Markers • Scissors Directions: Using craft paper, cut wide strips that are long enough to cover the top of a pop rocks package. Fold the paper strip over the top of the package and staple for a decorative label! You can use festive paper or pick a color and write at the top in marker! Now you have a fun give away that adds to the theme!

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