Brighter Side: Good news in Arkansas this week

UNDATED (KTHV) - From ducklings adopting a man as their mom to a family dog who protected a missing child, there are plenty of positive stories from the past week that are definitely on the 'brighter side'.

Ducklings think kind man is their mom

Matthew Sargent's neighbor found 13 duckling eggs in a nest after the mother duck died. The compassionate man placed them in an incubator until they could hatch. But when they did, they imprinted on him and followed him around everywhere he went, appearing to believe that he is their 'mother'. Now this man, with these 13 tiny fluffy children to care for, seems to be taking the new role in stride.

Motorcyclist comes to rescue of elderly man

After a motorcyclist spotted a man struggling to cross a street as cars whizzed by, the biker brought traffic to a standstill in order to escort the pedestrian to safety. The moment was captured on video by the motorcyclist's helmet camera and posted to YouTube on Wednesday. This simple act of kindness just goes to show that it doesn't take much to change someone's day.

Family dog protects missing child

3-year-old Carson Urness and Cooper, his golden retriever/german shepherd mix, went missing from the Cooperstown, North Dakota family Monday night. Courtney says about 200 people showed up from surrounding areas more than 20 miles away to help with the search for Carson and Cooper, the dog. Combing about 2,000 acres of land, aircraft scanned overhead, horses took to the pastures, but there was no sign of the boy and the dog. A mile from home, Cooper refused to leave Carson's side. While hundreds searched for them, Carson lay underneath his dog, as Cooper kept the boy dry and warm. An ATV picked Carson up and Cooper followed the machine all the way back to the house. Carson had torn jeans, a ripped jacket and muddy shoes and socks. Miraculously, though, he went unscathed from the whole ordeal. A doctor told his family he just had cold feet, thanks to his buddy who kept him warm.


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