Attracting birds to your garden

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Chris H. Olsen with Botanica Gardens shares some times on how to attract birds to your garden and how to style several kinds of plants in your home.

Feed the Birds in Style

If you haven't noticed before, we love birds here at Botanica Gardens! Here are a couple fun and inventive ways to attract birds to your yard.

Tea Cup Feeder:

Use teacups found at home or an antique shop and turn it into a fun craft to put up in your yard.

Here's what you'll need for Project #1:

- Tea Cup (cup and saucer).

- Super adhesive glue

- Bird Feeder

- String or Chain

Find a tea cup and saucer at an antique store or home. Lay the tea cup flat on it's side and glue down to the saucer (make sure to use something that will adhere to ceramics or glass/super glue). Tie a chain or string to the handle of the tea cup and hang from a tree. Pop in your bird feed and you have yourself an easily made bird feeder!

Here's what you'll need for project #2:

- Tea Cups and Saucer

- Table leg or rod

- Super adhesive glue or drill and screws

Find your favorite tea cups and saucers. Get an old table leg from a piece of furniture your not using or find a wide rod to stick in the ground (feel free to paint, sand, etc!). Glue the cup to the saucer and then get your table leg or rod to attach. For extra sturdiness and access to the right tools, use screws to secure the teacup/saucer to the rod. For an easier and quicker way of doing things, use a strong adhesive glue to attach the items together and you have yourself a freestanding bird feeder.

Bird Feeder Hangers:

Here is a fun idea to add a little life to the accessories in your yard! Use this to hang your bird feeders, wind chimes, etc.!

Here's what you'll need for Project #3:

- Re-bar tie Wire

- Needle nose pliers/ wire cutters

- Beads or other accessories

- Spray paint

- Card board

Spray paint your re-bar tie wire (easily bendable but strong wire) any color you'd like! Once dry, string some beads or ribbon on your hanger to add a little flare. Twist and bend the wire into curls and hooks to allow for your tea cup or other bird feeders to hang from and add a fun look to your items!

Plant Collections

For some reason this year I have planted several different plant collections. Inside I have displayed on an old antique potting table a collection of different Bonsai plants. Then outside on an old metal table, I have a whole assortment of different potted Rex begonias. Everything from miniatures to large leafed angel wing varieties. Visually I have an eye-catching display. I love to plant different varieties of begonias that I have found at different nurseries into old clay pots top dressed with green sheet moss. When winter comes, this plant collection will be moved indoors and enjoyed for the winter months.

So don't limit yourself to just one favorite plant. Create, plant, and display a collection of certain species of plants and watch them grow.


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