Tips to add bling and interesting style to your home

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV's lifestyle guru Chris Olsen with Botanica Gardens shared tips to add some bling and some interesting decor to your home.

A Little Bling Bling Goes a Long Way

Beaded Hanging Basket:

There's nothing like adding a little bling bling to a hanging basket, and it's so simple to do! You will need a wire basket, beads, wire, and wire cutters. Using wire cutters, cut three equal pieces of wire at least 24 inches long to allow for working space. Wire each piece equally around the top of the wire basket. Be sure to wrap the wire around the top rim of the basket several times to secure. Measure approximately 7-8 inches up the wire and tie a knot. Repeat this step for each piece of wire. Thread any type of colorful beads (5-7 beads) on top of the wired knot. Once you have threaded the beads on all three pieces of wire, twist all three pieces together at the tops of the wire. Bend the wire into a loop or hook shape for hanging. Add a plant or flower and enjoy!


- Wire basket

- Wire/ wire cutters

- Beads

- Plant/flower

Napkin Rings:

There are so many options when creating your own napkin rings! Use any cloth napkins you may have on hand or purchase some vibrant and fun cloth napkins. Take a colorful piece of wire at least 12 inches long and twist a knot at the end of the wire. Thread beads, beads, and more beads until the piece of wire is completely covered with beads. Once completed, tie a knot in the wire to secure the beads. Simply wrap the beaded wire around the cloth napkin! You may also tie colorful wire around the cloth napkin and add add a real/silk flower or a butterfly to add a fun element. You may also find beads already threaded in the jewelry section of your craft store. Simple secure these beads from end to end and slip the cloth napkin inside. Add a colorful flower for that extra pop!


- Cloth napkins

- Wire/wire cutters

- Beads

- Real/silk flowers butterflies

Round Round We Go

Wire Basket Sphere:

Adding a fun sphere to your landscape is a fun and easy project! Remove the coconut husk liners and chains from two wire hanging baskets. Place one of the wire hanging baskets on top of the other wire hanging basket to create a sphere. Simply wrap the wire continuously around the baskets where the two meet together. Prior to wiring the entire sphere, you may add rocks, found objects, or even a plant lined with moss inside the sphere. This wire basket sphere will be a great dimensional element in your landscape!


- Two wire hanging baskets

- Wire/wire cutters

- Rocks, found objects, plant


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