Cat myth: Poinsettias are dangerous to felines

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A red poinsettia is a great decoration to add for Christmas, but for years many have believed the plant is deadly to cats, but is it true?

ThePoison Pet Helpline says it is only mildly toxic to cats and dogs. PPH says when ingested, mild signs of vomiting, drooling, or rarely, diarrhea may be seen.

There is no antidote, but because of the mildness of the toxicity, one isn't needed.

According to And My Cat, these plants are what you need to keep away from your cats:

  • Tulip & Narcissus bulbs: Thesemay causeintense gastrointestinal irritation, drooling, loss of appetite, depression of the central nervous system, convulsions and cardiac abnormalities.
  • Lilies:Consuming even small amounts can lead to kidney failure in cats.
  • Chrysanthemums:Another seasonal favorite, eating these flowers can cause stomachupset, with less severe symptoms including drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. In more serious cases, depression and loss of coordination may result.
  • English Ivy: Serious gastrointestinal problems can result from ingesting English Ivy plants. Symptoms includevomiting, abdominal pain, hypersalivation and diarrhea.

  • Azalea/Rhododendron: Keep these plants far away from your cats. At worst, they can send felines into a coma and have the potential to cause cardiovascular collapse and death. At a minimum, they'll give your kitty stomach upset and depression of the central nervous system.


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