THV Viewers help name new tiger cubs at Little Rock Zoo

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (LITTLE ROCK ZOO) -The Little Rock Zoo is celebrating New Year's Day with the announcement of the names of its four Malayan tiger cubs.

The Zoo asked members of the public, including THV11 viewers andJoey the Garden Cat facebook fans, to submit names for one of the male cubs last week. Tiger keepers sifted through nearly 500 entries and decided to name two male cubs from the submitted names instead of just one.

Name entries had to be of Southeast Asian origin. Two of the names submitted were favored by keepers and used to name two male tigers. Keeper staff had already named the other male and one female cub. The names are as follows:
Male Tiger 1: Liem (l EE m) - a name of Vietnamese origin meaning "sincere, honest, or genuine." This name was submitted by two individuals: Ashley Scott of Ward, AR and Carmen Hetzel of Benton, AR.

Male Tiger 2: Eko (EH K oh) - a name of Indonesian origin meaning "first child." This name was selected since this is the first litter of cubs born to Suhana and Liku. This name was submitted by Shannon Ray of Van Buren, AR.

Male Tiger 3: Olan (OH l AW n) - a name of Thai origin meaning "great." This name was selected by the Zoo's tiger keepers.

Female Tiger: Asmara (As MAR uh) - a name of Indonesian origin meaning "love." This name was selected by the Zoo's tiger keepers.

The three individuals who submitted names that were selected for the tiger cubs will each be given two tickets to a special event in March with the tiger keepers and a name will be selected from the three to receive a free family membership to the Little Rock Zoo.

The tiger cubs will be on exhibit in the early spring.

Three males and one female cub were born November 12, 2013 to Malayan tigers Liku and Suhana. All four cubs are growing strong. The birth of the cubs puts the total number of Malayan tigers in a zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums at 56. Malayan tigers are some of the most endangered big cats in the world with less than 500 left in the wild. The birth of the tiger cubs at the Little Rock Zoo happened as a result of a recommendation of the AZA Species Survival Plan for the Malayan tiger.


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