THV Wants to Know: Are spiders taking over?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Many THV 11 viewers have mentioned on our Facebook page that they have seen more spiders in and around their homes this summer. Are there more spiders out this year? If so, why? Which ones are dangerous?

"It seems like one out of three calls seems to be problems with spiders," Richard Sims with Curry's Pest Control explained.

Those creepy crawlers could invade your space, slowly making their way from outside into where you live, eat and sleep.

"Probably the most common spider that we treat for is going to be a type of a wolf spider," added Sims.

That is exactly what Richard Sims found as he was treating a client's home in Little Rock, Monday afternoon.

Many central Arkansans have noticed the increase in spiders in recent weeks, but why?
"Mixed with the unseasonable rain that we're getting this year, it's really causing them to flood inside to seek higher and dryer ground, and unfortunately that's in our homes." Sims explained.

In addition to wolf spiders, Curry's Pest Control said they have also seen quite a bit of black widows. Although the weather conditions are out of our control, and with more rain coming this month, Sims said there are things you can do to help cut down on the spider encounters in your home.

"They're sealing up around their windows or their doors making sure all the cracks or crevices are caulked real well," he said.


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