CNN Money: Top business headlines for March 21

NEW YORK, NY (CNN) - CNN Money's Maribel Aber has your top business and financial news on this Friday, March 21.

UA trustees establish online university

The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees approved Thursday the creation of an online university meant to target adult students. The approved plan, developed by UA System President Donald Bobbitt and his staff, establishes the University of Arkansas eVersity, and authorizes the system administration to plan for academic governance of the institution through a group of existing UA System institutions. "The University of Arkansas System has a rich portfolio of talent that resides in the faculty and staff of our 17 institutions and divisions," Bobbitt said in a news release.

College basketball's real billion-dollar winners

No one is likely to win the Warren Buffett-backed $1 billion prize offered by Yahoo and Quicken Loans to whoever can pick a perfect NCAA bracket. But there will still be big-dollar winners after this year's tournament. Those winners will be the schools splitting the $1.4 billion in revenue that big-time men's college basketball produces over the course of a year. Schools disclosed the revenue figure in filings with the Department of Education for the 2012-13 school year, the most recent for which figures are available. The record haul is up 5% from the previous school year.

10 things about the Moto 360 Smart Watch

On Tuesday, Google unveiled its software plans for smartwatches, and provided an ever so brief glimpse at what that hardware will look like. Today we got a closer look at the Moto 360 smartwatch. Motorola chief designer Jim Wicks sat down to discuss some of the Moto 360's guiding design principles and offer up a few new bits of info on the forthcoming product. Here are 10 things from that talk we found particularly interesting. It's big. Judging from the appearance of the watch on the wrists of the two hosts, you can pick any statement piece from your favorite luxury watch brand and you'll have the right idea of how big this thing will be.

A tequila sweetener could help reduce diabetes & obesity

Tequila is the answer to many of life's problems—and now, a sweetener made from the stuff might just be the answer to our diabetes and obesity pandemics, too. New research suggests presented at the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) suggests that a sweetener made from agave—the plant used to make tequila—can help lower blood glucose levels. That's because agavins, the kind of sugar found in the plant, act like dietary fiber, so they taste sweet, but can't be broken down by the body. (They're not to be confused with agave syrups, which are actually similar to high-fructose corn syrups.) These agavin compounds are long strings of fructoses, usually found in fruit, but their size makes them impossible to break down. The researchers also found that agavins increase the production of GLP-1, a hormone that triggers the production of insulin by slowing the rate at which the stomach empties.


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