CNN Money: Top business headlines May 29

CNN Money's Maribel Aber has the latest business headlines for May 29.

Arkansas Realtors: Homes Sales up More Than 8 Percent in April

Home sales were up more than 8 percent in April compared to a year ago, according to numbers released by the Arkansas Realtors Association.

Apple buying Beats for $3 billion

Apple is officially buying Beats for $3 billion, just shy of the rumored price leaked a few weeks ago, the companies announced Wednesday.

Half of American adults hacked this year

Hackers have exposed the personal information of 110 million Americans -- roughly half of the nation's adults -- in the last 12 months alone.

This Frappuccino Is The Most Expensive Drink Ever Ordered at Starbucks

Meet the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino: a 128-ounce Starbucks milkshake with 60 shots of espresso, three kinds of drizzle and a sprinkling of protein powder. The caffeinated monstrosity rang up at $54.75 - a new record for the most expensive drink ever served at the coffee chain. Best of all, it didn't cost the customer a cent. How it went down: A Starbucks' aficionado named Andrew walked into a Starbucks carrying a 1-gallon glass and told the baristas he wanted to create a delicious, totally drinkable beverage that would break the previous (known) record of $47.30. The latter, the Quadriginoctuple Frap, contained a mere 48 shots and a mishmash of ingredients.


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