A Place to Call Home: 5 siblings hope for forever family

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Imagine this. You're a child, one of five siblings. Each of you lives in a separate foster home away from each other. Your birth parents are not your parents anymore.

Well, five Arkansas children don't have to imagine it. It's their reality. Right now, they are praying a family will reunite them, giving all of them the same place to call home.

"It's all so amazing," 12-year old Mataya said, "because we don't get to see them, and we all get together. It's like the brady bunch!"

Bouncing and jumping up and down at Altitude Trampoline Park, this clan is unstoppable. They don't get to see each other every day anymore. They are siblings in state foster care, forced into separate homes, now living apart.

Mataya is the oldest, then 9-year old Chloe.

"I'm very sweet," Chloe said, "and I love to play, and I love to ride horses mostly."

There is 5-year old Izzy.

"She's more active than anyone in our family," described Chloe.

And there's 2-year old Jesse. "Jesse's a handful, adorable, but a handful," Chloe added.

Last but not least, Ryder is the 13-month old baby.

"Ryder - he's like a little bear."

This little family, left in a lurch when their birth parents' rights were terminated, and they were placed up for adoption. Every single day, they pray someone will take them in.

"I wake up every morning like 'Is it today something's gonna happen?'" Mataya shared. "Every time the phone rings you're like, 'Is that my case worker, does she have a family for us?'"

Mataya is the one who remembers the horrors of the past, the one who understands what this group is up against.

"I just try to erase it all from my mind and then focus on the day and tomorrow," Mataya said.

Ryder is just taking his first steps. Jesse is a typical 2-year old, jumping across the trampolines. Izzy bounces her way into the foam pit. Chloe dreams of how a "real" mom, as she says, would treat her.

"Feed you, play with you, watch TV with you," Chloe said.

It's the simple things in life these five children so desperately need.

"We might get on people's nerves," Mataya feared. "It is five of us."

But Mataya also said she and her brothers and sisters refuse to give up hope that a family out there will bring them home.

Special thanks to Altitude Trampoline Park for giving the kids hours of free play.

If you'd like to know more about these siblings, click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website: https://dhs.arkansas.gov/dcfs/heartgallery/


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