Adam Lee Brown: Body arrives in Hot Springs

    6:28 PM, Mar 23, 2010   |    comments
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    • A crowd of nearly 500 came to pay their respects.
    • Brown's casket is taken from the plane.
    • Brown's wife and children are escorted from the ceremony.
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  • Hot Springs native Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan
  • There was absolute silence as the plane's crew unloaded the body of Adam Brown.

    A crowd of nearly 500 stood in quiet respect as Arkansas' latest casualty of war came home.

    "I mean people have got to realize that there are people that are sacrificing everything they have for your freedom. And this display is an act of what's that about," says David Pranter, who grew up with the 36-year-old Hot Springs native.

    Brown joined the Navy in 1998 and became a Navy SEAL in 2001.
    He had already received the Bonze Star for his bravery in battle before his death last Thursday.

    Pranter remembers his classmate. "Adam had the biggest heart in the smallest body that you would ever see. His heart stood outside of himself. He was all heart."

    Nearly 100 family members stood close by as Brown's body was escorted from the plane . And even those who never knew the Navy SEAL were touched.

    "We just though it would be a way to show our respect," says Mike Melancon, who brought his daughter Hanna and son Daniel to the airport. It was even Hanna's idea to come.

    Melancon says, "And when she heard this was a hometown Hot Springs soldier that gave his life, she definitely said that she wanted to attend. So I brought them out here."

    Patriot Guard riders lined the path to the hearse. Others stood by as Brown's body was placed in the vehicle.

    The Navy SEAL leaves behind a wife and two children -- and a hometown grateful for his sacrifice.

    Brown's funeral will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Hot Springs Baptist Church. The public is welcome. 


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