Milton White murdered in Little Rock in 2008

    10:09 PM, May 12, 2010   |    comments
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    • Milton White
    • Milton White
    • Milton White
    • M.J. White's parents, Annette and Milton

    It's like he's still here. White's presence is still very much alive at his family's home.

    "Got along with everybody. Everybody was his friend," says his mother, Annette.

    The 20-year-old was nicknamed Man Man. Pictures cover the walls. In a corner sits his bike. Riding was his favorite pastime.

    His father, Milton Sr. says, "He never had a bad day that I seen."

    White was autistic. He did things at his own pace - and his own way. He was a graduate of McClellan High School. He worked at Easter Seals, an organization helping people with disabilities or special needs.

    "My love for him is stronger now than it's ever been," says Milton Sr.

    His memory clearly isn't fading and neither is his parents' drive to find him justice.

    "He didn't think nobody would ever hurt him. He thought everyone was nice."

    March 17, 2008 is a haunting day they'll never forget.

    LRPD's Detective Tommy Hudson says, "Wrong place at the wrong time."

    Hudson says White went with his cousins to an auto shop on Asher Avenue in Little Rock.

    He explains, "Things got out of hand and several fights broke out."

    It was an argument between two men over a woman. Police believe White was simply a bystander.

    "You know he is just an innocent victim in this place," says Hudson.

    Shots were fired. White tried to run but a bullet hit him in the back of the head. It's since been two years and police have two suspects. They're not saying who for fear of jeopardizing the investigation.

    "We know for sure where the gun came from and we know who shot them. It's just what I know and what I am able to prove are two different things."

    Hudson needs witnesses to come forward. There were dozens of people there, but everyone is staying quiet.

    "The street attitude is that you don't talk to police," says Hudson. But White's family is hoping witnesses will have a change of heart.

    "When I watched the news and see someone lose one of their loved ones I used to say man I know how they feel. But I really didn't know how they felt until it happened to me. It's a feeling I can't describe."

    It's a life taken too soon. Crushed dreams.

    Annette says, "The guys that did that to him, they can never measure up to be what he was."

    Still, they accept their adversity and pray for peace knowing closure will come with an arrest.

    "I love him and I promise him I am going to do everything I can to solve his murder," his mother says.

    White's death is one of eight unsolved Little Rock murders in 2008.

    If you have any information on Milton White's murder, call the Little Rock Police Department at 501-371-4636. You can remain anonymous. His death is one of seven unsolved murders in Little Rock from 2008.

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