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    Sandra Williams stabbed to death in 1987, still no arrests

    10:10 PM, Jun 16, 2010   |    comments
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    • Sandra Lynn Williams
    • Norma Cagle
    • Carey Williams
    • Carey Williams
    • Sandra Lynn Williams
    • Sandra Lynn Williams

    Beautiful memories are all that's left of Williams.

    "We have not forgotten. We are still here and we are still looking," says Norma Cagle.

    For 23 years, Cagle has prayed for a miracle, hoped for justice and never wavered from loving her daughter.

    "I mean it just didn't happen in Beebe Arkansas," explains Cagle. "She was stabbed multiple times in the back and then twice more in the chest."

    Sandra was a 20-year-old who loved life and her family.

    Her brother Carey Williams says, "I want justice. I want whoever did this to be locked up and pay the price."

    Sandra was heading out to meet her boyfriend at a fish fry, but she never made it.

    Cangle remembers, "He said I can't find her. He was just in hysterics. He said I can't find her. He found the car sitting on the side of the road but he said she's not there."

    It's a remote highway in Romance.

    Carey took Today's THV to the scene. He says, "This is the first time I have been out here in 20 years."

    Her purse and keys weren't in the car. The car still had gas and ran fine. Immediately her boyfriend, family and friends began searching the area.

    Carey says, "I always had this feeling that she was already gone."

    Two weeks later Carey's feelings were confirmed. A fisherman found her body about three miles away on a bluff. There were no signs of sexual assault or the murder weapon. Police questions dozens of people and chased hundreds of leads.

    White County Chief Deputy Jeremy Clark says, "That family needs some closure and it needs to be solved."

    But 23 years later White says they're no closer to solving the murder today than the day it happened.

    "I think it was done the right way in 1987. But it was 1987. It would be like working a cold case in 1987 from a murder in the 60's. It was a different time back then. Things were done differently."

    There wasn't DNA technology available then.

    "We are trying to turn back the clock in a way to see what was done there and now put those pieces together," says Clark.

    And another obstacle is the detectives first assigned to the case either retired or have passed away.

    Clark says, "There is maybe one deputy here now that was here in 1987."

    There is some evidence but not much. Clark won't say what it is for fear of jeopardizing the investigation.

    The good news though is more than two decades later tips are still coming in.

    Clark explains, "That is how this case is going to get solved by someone finally giving into that little voice telling them they need to come forward."

    In recent months, Sandra's mom created a Facebook memorial page with newspaper clippings and pictures.

    Her family wants the public to know they haven't forgotten and prays investigators won't either.

    Carey explains, "You wake up every day hoping you don't forget memories you know, hoping you can hang on to what you had."

    Meantime, Sandra's memory is living on through her niece named after the aunt she's never met.

    Cagle says, "I have her namesake. Her name is Sandra Lynn."

    She's a child representing new beginnings and new hope. It's a name that will never be forgotten.

    More Case Information:

    Investigators say the 20-year-old left her home between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. She told her mother she was heading to a cookout with her boyfriend, Bruce Taylor, in his hometown of Guy, Arkansas. Around 10:00 p.m. Taylor called Sandra's mother, Norma Cagle, to ask where she was.

    "At that point, it was like 'Ok, calm down, we'll find her'," explains Cagle. "She's wandered off with some of her friends and she'll be right back."

    Immediately, Cagle says Taylor started back tracking looking for any sign of Sandra.

    Her boyfriend, Bruce Taylor, was considered a person of interest from the very beginning. Investigators administered a lie detector test but Taylor passed. Investigators say he has always cooperated in the investigation and has been forth coming with information.

    At the start of the investigation, many thought maybe she had car trouble and tried to walk to get help. However, a search of her car turned up nothing. Plus, the car ran fine and still had plenty of gas in the tank.

    Sandra's brother Carey Williams was 16-years-old when Sandra went missing.

    Sheriff deputies have no motive and they've run out of leads. If you have any information on this cold case, you're asked to call the Criminal Investigation Department at 501-279-6279. You can also e-mail them at whitecountycid@sbcglobal.net. All calls and e-mails can remain anonymous.

    Sandra Williams would be 44-years-old. Her car keys were found in her pant's pocket, but her purse was never found.

    If you have a cold case story that you would like us to look into, e-mail us at news@todaysthv.com.

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