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    5:32 PM, Oct 29, 2004   |    comments
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    Two children are dead after an early morning fire in Lonoke County. The England fire department got the call just after midnight. When crews arrived at 215 Southeast 2nd St., the house and adjoining apartment were ablaze. In the home were 24-year-old Jennifer Baker and four children. Two of the kids were not able to get out in time. Police are still looking for what caused the fire that killed five year old Trenton Parker and three-year-old Hannah Parker. Jennifer Baker lived in the home with her two children. Police say they were sleeping in the bedroom with her when everything went terribly wrong. England Police Chief Robert Retford says, "There was a loud noise, a pop, or explosion. She got up to investigate, and saw fire in one of the rooms." Baker was able to wake her sister's two kids who were staying in a different part of the house. Then, she tried to return to her bedroom and her own children, Trenton and Hannah. Chief Retford says, "Before she could get back to the other end of the house, her route was blocked by fire. It had engulfed the hallway up to that point." Baker broke a window, but smoke and fire kept rescuers out and the children inside. And the fire continued spreading. Police aren't sure what started the fire or why two lives were lost. The house was more than 75 years old. We asked police whether the building was up to code. Chief Retford says there's no code enforcement officer for England. A trust fund has been set up for the victims' family at the Bank of England.

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