Examining Newsroom Policy Regarding Children and Teens Charged with Crimes

    10:24 PM, Feb 8, 2011   |    comments
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    • Daniel Maurice Jordan
    • Jarvis Robie

    Specifically, we look at whether we chose to name the suspect in each case and why.

    Two of the stories aired back-to-back last Wednesday on the THV 10 o'clock Difference.

    In the first case, the suspect is a 15-year old. We identified him as Jarvis Robie because police charged him with murder as an adult.

    In the eyes of the law, he is not considered a juvenile, and that being the case, THV policy is to treat him as an adult offender, which means revealing his identity.

    Right after that story aired, we told you about another case involving a juvenile. In this case -- we did not name the suspect.

    Even though the crime was the same, the reason we didn't name him is because police did not charge him as an adult in the case.

    Should police charge him as an adult, we would reveal his identity, but until then, the state sees him as a juvenile and so do we.

    THV policy is to protect his age and his identity.

    Another recent case involved a 17-year old. In January, Conway police charged Daniel Jordan with possession of a handgun on school property.

    Jordan was charged as an adult, so we revealed his identity and showed you his picture.

    Each crime involving child or teen offenders we review on a case-by-case basis. We look at all circumstances before making decisions about revealing suspects' identities. But our general rule of thumb is this: if charged as an adult, we reveal a suspect's identity. If charged as a juvenile, we protect it.
    Again, our goal is also to bring transparency to what we do, letting you in on how we cover the news.

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