Randy William Gay allegedly kills woman in front of witnesses

    2:10 AM, May 13, 2011   |    comments
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    • Randy William Gay

    GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) -- A Garland County man, with two previous murder convictions, is back in custody facing similar charges.

    Witness reports say in the latest case, the man dumped the victim's body in his pick-up truck Tuesday evening and took off but authorities still don't know where she is.

    On Thursday, search crews focused around the crime scene, a rural area of U.S Forest Service land near Jessieville.

    When you get into U.S. Forest Service land and gravel roads, authorities usually ditch the patrol cars for horses and four wheelers.

    Garland County crews combed the woods Thursday for the body of 49-year-old Connie Ann Snow while her alleged killer, Randy William Gay, sits behind bars for her murder.

    According to arrest reports, the shooting played out in front of a logging crew, three witnesses who'd been working on  equipment. The report said just before the shooting, Gay pulled up in his white Chevy pick-up with Snow in the passenger seat.

    Reports say Gay, who'd worked for the logging crew as a night watchman, got into an argument with Snow. Witnesses heard Gay telling Snow to get out of the truck and then saw Gay pull out a long gun, firing one shot at Snow who dropped to the ground. 

    Gay reportedly then asked the witnesses if they had any plastic. They didn't; so with one witness helping out, Gay put Snow's body in the back of his pick-up and drove off.

    It wasn't until Wednesday authorities tracked Gay down at a Mountain Pine apartment, crossing off one piece of this mysterious murder with more steps from the horses searching for another one. 

    Authorities will continue their search Thursday, focusing in the Mountain Pine area near Highway 227 and Blakely Dam Road.

    We're also told the FBI is involved here since the murder happened on federal land. No one from there or the sheriff's office would speak on camera Thursday.

    A sheriff's spokesman did say they didn't know the relationship between Snow and Gay. And reports had no information on a motive here.        

    As for Gay's prior history, he was convicted of murder in Garland County in 1978 and again in Montgomery County in 1992.


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