Aaron Reddin is known as the 'van man'

    8:06 PM, Jun 2, 2011   |    comments
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    UNDATED (KTHV) -- Aaron Reddin is known to the homeless of Central Arkansas as the 'van man.' Reddin's story is one of combustible good fortune.

    Reddin's story is something you'd read in "The Secret," or in a self help book that believes in the power of positive thinking.

    Months ago, he was delivering food, clothing and toiletries to the homeless out of his car. He let it be known on his Facebook page that a van sure would be nice.

    Lo and behold within days it became a reality. Okay, so it wasn't a 2011 smokin' hot van, but it ran, it had space and that was all that counted.

    Since early March, Reddin's life has been like a scene from "The Intention Experiment." Whenever Reddin posts a need on Facebook, he gets it filled, and usually with more than he bargained for.

    The story he told on Today's THV at 6:30 was a case in point. He needed bug spray, something the homeless could really use this time of year. Sure enough, he was given more than he had hoped for.

    Reddin estimates there are between 15-20 homeless camps in Central Arkansas. Reddin makes regular deliveries. It has been estimated that there are between and 4 and six thousand homeless in this area. reddin has a growing clientele.

    During the 6:30 show, Reddin was given $1,000 from Today's THV and parent company the Gannett Corporation. He plans to use it toward a portable shower. While Reddin has a ways to go on the project, judging by past performance, it won't take him long.

    To find Aaron on Facebook, look for "The Van."

    On twitter - @ItsTheVan.

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