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    We give an explanation of our THV adoption segments

    9:39 PM, Jun 16, 2011   |    comments
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    Today's THV shares a partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, profiling some of the hundreds of kids up for adoption in the state.

    Our purpose in airing these stories is to find these foster children permanent homes.

    Each month, on the third Thursday, we profile children suggested to us by the Department of Human Services.

    In each case, we look at what the children enjoy and we try to find an activity best-suited to them.

    Like this week, 12-year old Hailey and her 11-year old brother Marcus both love basketball and barbeque.

    So we asked former NBA star Joe Kleine to help us out, since he also owns Corky's BBQ. He treated the kids to some good-eats, and then he asked us all to join him at UALR's Jack Stephens Center for a tour and also to shoot some hoops.

    The children loved it. They were comfortable and grateful for the time spent.  In fact both children called it "the most wonderful day of their lives."

    Since these children live in state foster care something like this is a real treat. But our purpose is not to necessarily treat them, or to show them on television to highlight the troubles they've faced. The goal is to find them a permanent, stable home.

    At any given time, over 500 children in Arkansas are in foster care in need of adoption, something that is tough for sibling groups and older children.

    Most of these children have faced tough circumstances in their lives. We try not to get into those details on-air. It's not only for the childrens' protection, but also, it's not the point of these stories. The point is, to introduce them to you and help them find a loving forever family.

    Again, the segment airs every third Thursday of the month on Today's THV This Morning between 5-7 a.m. and on Today's THV at 5 p.m.

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