Sitting too long can shorten your life

    10:23 AM, Jun 24, 2011   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- Here's a good reason to stand up and walk around.

    A new study by the American Cancer Society finds sitting too much likely will shorten your life.

    Researchers studied more than 123,000 people over a 14-year period.

    They found women who sit for more than six hours a day were about 40-percent more likely to die during the course of the study, than those who sat for fewer than three hours a day.

    Men were about 20-percent more likely to die in the comparison.
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends you mix non-computer-related tasks into your workday.

    By getting up and moving around, you are using different muscle groups.

    (Source: CNN)

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