Today's Living: Top 10 consumer complaints

    1:01 AM, Jul 29, 2011   |    comments
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    UNDATED (KTHV) -- In Today's Living -- the top ten consumer complaints.

    An annual roundup of the nation's top consumer complaints finds some of the same gripes, and a very new one on the rise -- and it's related to something you might use every day.

    Every year the consumer federation of America surveys state and local agencies for the areas with the most consumer complaints.

    And their latest survey found most complaints, rip-offs and scams, had a common thread.

    In the examples that they provided of the top, worst, and fastest-growing complaints, many of them were related to the tough financial situations that consumers and businesses faced last year.

    Auto-related complaints, followed by complaints about credit and debt. Home improvement and retail sales tied at number three. Utilities, services and online sales came in next.

    Household goods like furniture and appliances took the seven spot. Landlord-tenant disputes, fraud, and home solicitations at the door and on the phone rounded out the top ten.

    It wasn't in the top ten, but a new type of complaint noticed by agencies -- gripes related to daily deals on group buying sites: things like inadequate disclosures on expiration dates or other limitations.

    Whether it's an age-old complaint or a new scam, some homework ahead of time, can help you out.

    If something seems fishy to you, you can get advice from your state or local consumer protection agency and save yourself from a lot of trouble afterwards.

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