A Place to Call Home: Sarah, Mark and Matthew

    4:56 AM, Aug 18, 2011   |    comments
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    • Sarah, Mark, and Matthew
    • Matthew
    • Mark
    • Sarah

    UNDATED (KTHV) -- When most of us hear the word 'family,' we think of our mom, dad or our children, perhaps.

    But for a group of three siblings in state foster care, family means something totally different.

    Today's THV, in partnership with the Department of Human Services, is profiling children up for adoption in Arkansas.

    Of the nearly 500 children in state foster care, many are part of a sibling group, like a group of five brothers and sisters who desperately want a forever family.

    Adoption workers will tell you, it's not easy finding homes for sibling groups and older children, like Matthew, age 11, Sarah, age 10, and Mark, age 9.

    They've been in state foster care nearly four years now. They've survived a failed adoption, and they've known little stability in their short lives. In fact, they've learned to rely on each other, and each day, they pray they find a forever family they can rely on too.

    Cold Stone Creamery hosted the children and treated them to an ice cream treat of their choice, and it was a dream come true.

    After they mixed their favorite flavors and toppings, we all sat down for a chat.

    "Have I ever told you this?" Mark asks. "That you guys are my favorite brother and sister?"

    "Millions of times!" Sarah and Matthew say in unison. "Jinx!"

    They are all each other has, and the heartache they've experienced is beyond what most of us can even comprehend. They desperately want to stay together in the same home.

    "I basically would be lost without these two," says Matthew. "Mark usually helps me keep up with my things. And if I get in a fight, Sarah actually talks me out of it."

    Matthew is the oldest. He loves science and math. He is outgoing and gets along well with others. Matthew shows affection by sharing his day's activities with others.

    Sarah, 10, is the only girl. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, and she loves her brothers.

    "We're the only family we have left until we find someone," Sarah says.

    Sarah loves to draw, write, and ride her bicycle.

    Mark, 9, is the survivor in this group. He has overcome many challenges.

    "Well, I do just want somebody who takes care of me," he says.

    Mark needs an understanding family, who has a lot of love and patience.

    The siblings have been in state care nearly four years.

    "We just need a forever home," Sarah says.

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