Most haunted places in Arkansas

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    • The McCollum-Chidister House
    • Desha County Courthouse
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Looking to go on a ghost hunt this Halloween? We've found the top five places in Arkansas to get spooked this Halloween according to author and ghost hunter Alan Lowe of the Arkansas Spirit Seekers

    #5 The Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, Prairie Grove:

    "Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park has a house on it called the Borden House. It is original to the site.It was there during the war between the states. There was a young female, nine years old, that had lived in the house during the war between the states and during the Battle of Prairie Grove named Anna. She told us that her father and her brother were at odds because as it turns out, legend has it that the brother snuck out of the house and went and joined the southern forces and had gotten killed that day.Now she's up there looking, back and forth in the window and we can only feel that she's probably looking for her brother," says Lowe.

    #4 The McCollum-Chidister House, Camden:

    The McCollum-Chidister House is a museum now.Mr. Chidister delivered mail for the United States. As the war came up, the mail began to trickle down and he needed to make money somewhere else so he became a spy for the Confederacy. Fredrick Steele didn't like that. He came into Camden, the Union General, looking for Mr. Chidister. A small room that he was suppose to have hid in, we went in and heard on a recorder, 'GET OUT!' There is a mirror in the room and our photographer took a picture and behind him is a man in a three piece suit and a cane. No one was with the man that took the picture," says Lowe.

    #3 The Powhatan Courthouse, Powhatan:

    "The Powhatan Courthouse is in Northeast Arkansas. It was one of our first hunts and it has a really dark history behind it like most courthouses. Years ago, it was when hangings were good. They were a party like atmosphere. People went out to see the neck tie parties.They had a young man that had accosted a white lady and they were going to hang him before he got a trial and actually they did. Before he died, he vowed he would always haunt the house and he has been around forever and he takes his vengeance out on females. When we were hunting there, we had a female go up into the attic and she came out crying and holding her throat. She said someone was choking her. We've ran into him two or three times but it has always been a female investigator," says Lowe.

    #2 The Desha County Courthouse, Arkansas City:

    "The Desha County Courthouse is the oldest working courthouse west of the Mississippi River. There had been a young man who had gotten drunk and gambled away his life savings and wanted to get his vengeance by burning down the establishment where he lost his money. He set it on fire but the fire got out of control and burned down most of the city. They didn't like it much but they did give him a fair trial and then they hung him. They took pride in their new clock there on the courthouse and he said, 'I'm going to never let that clock run again. I'm innocent and you're hanging an innocent man.'They hung him and that clock, for 110 years, to this day still does not run right. When we were there, we took a picture from the outside when no one was in the courthouse. In one of the windows, just as plain as day, was a man standing in the window. So they have right to claim to be haunted," says Lowe.

    #1 The Old State House, Little Rock:

    "It has a long history. A lot of negative history, a lot of positive history, but it's full. We've been to the Old State House twice. The employees had been hearing things and seeing things but they just had not been talking about it for fear of, like a lot of people, they feel like they are going to be laughed at.Security kept hearing doors slam. They would review the tapes and nothing would be there. Some of the women had been working nights and had decided a long time ago that they would never work nights again because they never felt quite alone," says Lowe.

    "The Old Statehouse was built before Arkansas was a state. It became the first state capital and after it became the first state capital, they had a knife fight. J.J. Anthony got in an argument with another legislator and was killed on the floor and they feel like J.J. Anthony is haunting the upper level rooms.They've had people complaining about seeing shadows, hearing things, hearing what they thought was a fight, shuffling and the clank of steel," says Lowe.

    "Twenty-three years later, after the fight, they met here to succeed from the Union, become a Confederate state. We came here one night and the psychic was in the legislator room. She saw that the galleriese were full of people and they were murmuring and talking and just loud and that these people out here, the legislators were talking. Then she heard someone calling the place to order with the pounding of the gavel. The pound, pound, pounding of the gavel and when I went back and reviewed the recording, while she was telling me that, I heard a murmuring of voices in the background and then you could hear wood striking wood three times. The pound, pound, pounding of the gavel," says Lowe.

    "It could have been the announcement they were getting ready to make that the people were waiting on. 'Yes we have voted. The votes are in. Arkansas has now succeeded from the Union," says Lowe.

    The Arkansas website talks about severalghost legends in the Natural State including mysterious lights like the Gurdon Light and legendary monsters like the Fouke monster.

    You can also use a haunted map to find all of the strange and haunted locations in Arkansas!

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